Understanding Distributed Data Storage

Operations, Sutton North
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We’ll investigate how and why certain data structures work, and most importantly, what exactly you use them for.

  • DHT: Distributing storage to several nodes
  • Map/reduce: Distributed data mining (without Hadoop)
  • Push/pull: Distributing workload across servers
  • Merkle trees: Active anti-entropy for replicated values
  • bloom filters: Reduce cache reads by pre-checking existence
  • CRDTs (commutative replicated data types): Automated replicated value merging on any eventually consistent database
  • messaging patterns: Passing signals between processes and/or data storage
Photo of Eric Redmond

Eric Redmond


Eric’s a programmer. He’s also a longtime advocate of alternative storage mechanisms (especially the distributed kind), and loves to write and talk about them. He’s co-author of Seven Databases in Seven Weeks and recently A Little Riak Book. Eric is a Riak Engineer at Basho, and runs the largest technical web group in Portland.


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