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Mark Imbriaco commented on ChatOps: Augmented Reality for Ops
If you were at this talk I would love it if you could take the time to rate it and give me some feedback so I can improve future talks. Thanks for attending! I’m going to work on having slides... Read More.

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Brian boelsterli commented on There Is No Talent Shortage
Andrew needs to be THE keynote speaker at the next Velocity conference. I would also encourage him to speak at perhaps a lean or agile conference. Brilliant, refreshing, accurate. ....”The fastest learner wins” applies here…


Velocity New York 2013 Photo
Velocity New York 2013 Photo
Velocity New York 2013 Photo

Featured Speakers

Velocity is the conference where people talk about how to get things done in the real world—if you want to know how the best in the world handle their Operations, Velocity is the place to learn.
—Adam Jacob, Opscode

5 things to do at Velocity New York that will radically alter the way you work

  1. Tap into the collective brilliance of Velocity. The best people in the industry gather at Velocity to share their knowledge and transform the Web. Absorb their knowledge; the inspiration and insights you’ll take away will be invaluable.
  2. Master the tools, technologies, and techniques that matter. List your biggest headaches and compare it to the Velocity program. Odds are, the solutions await you. Velocity's no-fluff, immersive program zeroes in on what you need.
  3. Be the force behind the Web. Still struggling with obsolete methodologies? Make the switch to new approaches and best practices attained through three days of intensely focused sessions, keynotes, and tutorials.
  4. Make valuable connections. Build your network of professional connections. The next time you wonder, "who do I know who can answer this?" you'll have the answer.
  5. Plot your course forward. Velocity is not just about existing technologies. It's also about future proofing—banging on the next big idea and scoping out fresh technologies and products. Escape the day-to-day "make it work now" mentality and plan for the future.

Never before has the Web been more crucial to what you do. If your job involves any part of building or maintaining a faster, stronger web, join us—and more than a thousand of your peers—at the O'Reilly Velocity Conference, happening October 14-16 at the New York Hilton Midtown, in New York City.

Help Us Support Technology and Diversity

To help support technology education and diversity, while Velocity registration is open, we're raising funds for Per Scholas, a national nonprofit organization that provides technology training and job placement services for people in low-income communities. We ask that you consider joining us in supporting this worthy organization by making a modest donation when you sign up. O'Reilly Media will match those donations at the end of the conference.