Adam Jacob

Adam Jacob
Systems Administrator, Previously Chef

Website | @adamhjk

Adam has been a systems administrator for 25 years, most recently as a CTO. He helped write Chef and Habitat; is on the board of and co-founded Chef Software, and is a passionate advocate for sustainable free and open source communities ( He also likes beaches more than mountains, is allergic to plants, and gets nervous every time he speaks in public.


12:15pm–12:40pm Tuesday, 12/08/2009
Location: Online Level:
Moderated by: Jesse Robbins
Artur Bergman (Fastly), Adam Jacob (Previously Chef), John Allspaw (Adaptive Capacity Labs), Jesse Robbins (Orion Labs), Rachel Walls (Opscode)
Join a panel of your favorite Velocity Web Ops ninjas. Ask them any question you want, and they will answer live. Read more.