Browserscope: Profiling the Way to a Better Browser

Lindsey Simon (Google)
11:15am–11:30am Tuesday, 12/08/2009
Location: Online Level:

Browserscope is tackling the tool at the front of the stack – the browser itself – to give end users a faster, richer, and more secure web experience. Testing done in the lab is always suspect, and oftentimes not reproducible, so Browserscope puts its tests and its results out in the wild for crowd-sourcing. This talk will present some of the trending analysis and findings from Browserscope’s first few months of data collection as well as some case study information about the new Security test suite..

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Lindsey Simon


Lindsey Simon is a Front-End Developer at Google. Simon hails from Austin where he worked at startups, taught computing at the Griffin School, and was the webmaster for years at the Austin Chronicle.