Load Balancing & Reverse Proxies with Varnish & More

Artur Bergman (Fastly)
10:45am–11:15am Tuesday, 12/08/2009
Location: Online Level:

Varnish is a modern application level reverse proxy for web sites & services written with performance in mind. Varnish incorporates some advanced features to stretch the kernel as far as possible. Wikia relies heavily on varnish to serve a peak traffic of close to a gigabit/sec out of 3 different datacenters. Each one with two Varnishes working as a pair serving thousands of requests a second.

It’s innovative features include:

  • VCL—a domain specific language for configuration that gets compiled to native code
  • mmap log file—logs all headers with no performance penalty
    8* mmap or malloc storage—lets the kernel deal with disk/memory allocation
  • hybrid thread/event model

This session will include:

  • Startup options for high performance (based on Wikia)
  • Configuration of storage system
  • Example of Wikias experience (including SSD based storage)
  • VCL cookie handling
  • Advanced VCL with embedded C code
  • Monitoring tools
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Artur Bergman


Artur Bergman is the Founder and CEO of Fastly.