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Abelardo  Gonzalez

Abelardo Gonzalez
Director, Product Management for Monitoring, Keynote Systems

Abelardo Gonzalez is the Director of Product Management for Monitoring at Keynote focusing on identifying disruptive trends and innovative product initiatives in the enterprise. His primary responsibilities include leading Keynote’s Web and Mobile Web Active monitoring as well as the Real User Monitoring products.

Abelardo is a leading expert in web and mobile performance with over 13 years of industry experience. He holds a masters degree from Governors State University, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Edward’s University. Abelardo regularly contributes to technology publications such as Internet Retailer & Hospitality Technology Magazine. Follow him on Twitter:@abelg78


Office Hours
Location: Table B (Banquet Hall)
Abelardo Gonzalez (Keynote Systems)
If you’ve ever wondered how you can maximize the performance of your apps without sacrificing user experience, then come chat with Abel. He’ll talk about the range of critical data provided by synthetic testing and real user navigation timing; the art of comparative benchmarking; and examples of open APIs bringing it all together. Read more.
Location: 120/121
Abelardo Gonzalez (Keynote Systems)
Trends like mobile and social media have disrupted the traditional definition of performance and transformed expectations of customers. Investing in digital initiatives that enhance customer experience now requires a fundamental shift in approach to performance insights. How do you maximize the performance of your apps without sacrificing user experience? Read more.