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Bruce Spang
, Fastly

Bruce Spang is a software engineer at Fastly, where he focuses on building large-scale distributed systems and improving systems reliability. Bruce helped design and build Fastly’s purging system, improved the speed and reliability of the configuration system, and is working on distributed routing algorithms. Previously, he worked as an engineer at Dribbble, where he worked on performance and search.


Location: 120/121
Tyler McMullen (Fastly), Bruce Spang (Fastly)
Average rating: ****.
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How do you build a distributed cache invalidation system that can invalidate content in 150 milliseconds across a global network of servers? We will discuss the process of constructing a production-ready distributed system built on solid theoretical foundations. This talk will cover using research to design systems, the bimodal multicast algorithm, and the behavior of this system in production. Read more.