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Khalid Almutari

Khalid Almutari
Full-Stack Engineer, WireFilter

Website | @lafikl

A 21-year-old, back-end and front-end engineer from Saudi Arabia, Khalid’s day job is a Full-Stack engineer at WireFilter working on the customer-facing web tools that they provide for their customers. More than 80% of the internet traffic in the region goes through their machines, efficiently handling billions of requests daily.

At night, Khalid works at Crafted-Apps (his own startup) building products, or working with clients to improve their web apps performance and architecture, and transforming their ideas from concepts to a reality.

He also enjoys building open-source projects that help developers build faster web apps, such as Steady.js, PerfBar, and other projects on Github.


Location: 211/212 Level: Intermediate
Khalid Almutari (WireFilter)
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