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Stephen de Vries

Stephen de Vries
CEO, ContinuumSecurity

Website | @stephendv

Stephen founded ContinuumSecurity and the open source BDD-Security project with the goals of integrating security into software development. He is a 13 year application security veteran having worked as a consultant at KPMG, Internet Security Systems and Corsaire.

He’s currently focussed on building tools to support security in the software development lifecycle and provides security training for developers and QA staff.

Stephen has presented at popular security conferences including Blackhat USA/Europe, Hack in the Box, OWASP and at developer conferences such as Devoxx.


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Stephen de Vries (ContinuumSecurity)
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Security testing is often seen as a specialist activity that requires external experts with leather jackets. But security tests have a lot in common with functional tests. In fact, by using Selenium and open source security tools we can build re-usable, automated security tests that fit a CD pipeline and we can write them as specifications using JBehave so that they're visible to the whole team. Read more.
Office Hours
Location: Table A (Banquet Hall)
Stephen de Vries (ContinuumSecurity)
Bring all of your security-related questions to Stephen. He'll be glad to help you with them, and discuss how to perform continuous automated security tests of web applications, how security testing differs from quality testing, and how to use the BDD-Security testing framework. Read more.