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Joshua Hoffman

Joshua Hoffman
Head of Product Engineering, LeaseWeb

Website | @oshu

A long time system administrator, technical instructor, and hands on leader, Joshua Hoffman has trained ops staff from the west coast to the far east in practical, efficient, and high scale system management and automation.

Now heading up infrastructure at SoundCloud, Hoffman previously worked for Tumblr building data center and system automation tools to enable to company to migrate out of managed hosting.

Prior to Tumblr, Hoffman designed and built Red Hat’s award winning Virtual Training platform and is the author of major portions of their acclaimed System Administration training and certification program.


Location: 211 Level: Intermediate
Joshua Hoffman (LeaseWeb), Robert Treat (OmniTI), Michael Brunton-Spall (Bruntonspall Ltd), Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)
This panel will discuss the numerous operational decisions faced when deciding where to host. Topics will include provisioning, tooling, and how virtualization will help or hurt. Read more.
Location: 212 Level: Intermediate
Joshua Hoffman (LeaseWeb)
Average rating: ****.
(4.76, 29 ratings)
Linux containers are the new hotness. I will deconstruct the Linux Container concept, discuss what linux containers are and are not, explore the available tools, and walk through building linux containers from scratch. Read more.