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Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), EF Education First

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Keith Mitchell is the Group Engineering Manager within FM Sport and leads the software engineering discipline across a team of around 30 developers, architects and engineers. He is responsible for the development and delivery of the Sport online product across desktop, mobile and native app (iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone) platforms. He obtained both his undergraduate and post-graduate degree at the University of Lancaster before joining BBC Future Media in 2011 as the Technical Lead for London 2012 on Mobile. Following London 2012 he led the development of BBC Sport on mobile web, tablet and native apps before taking up his current role. He currently focusses on Engineering Excellence in order to scale up the engineering team and support continuous delivery of sport features to the audience.


Office Hours
Location: Table C (Banquet Hall)
Keith Mitchell (EF Education First)
Keith will discuss software engineering practices for building infrastructure to create flexible, scalable, and reliable distributed systems. He’ll also talk about automated testing and tooling, and challenges when establishing an open and collaborative culture. Read more.
Culture & Organizational Change
Location: 118/119 Level: Non-technical
Keith Mitchell (EF Education First)
Average rating: ****.
(4.47, 15 ratings)
BBC Sport online is Europe's best-loved Sports site handling billions of requests each month. The engineering team behind this has expanded rapidly over the past 2 years and has established new working practices in order to deliver a team as performant as the final product. This session describes the key aspects of our culture, how it's evolved, the challenges we faced and our current approaches. Read more.