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Carolyn Rowland

Carolyn Rowland
Engineering Manager, Independent


Carolyn Rowland began working with UNIX in 1986; her professional career as a UNIX system administrator took off in 1991. Carolyn chaired the USENIX LISA ‘12 conference in San Diego in December 2012. Carolyn’s two industry passions continue to be finding new ways to encourage and educate people to enter the operations professions and helping advance women in tech through strong community and sharing of best practices for dealing with existing gender issues in the computing professions.


Location: 212 Level: Intermediate
Avleen Vig (Etsy), Carolyn Rowland (Independent)
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How do you improve your productivity in a high-interrupt environment? This tutorial discusses the impact of interruptions on individuals in centralised and distributed teams. We'll discuss the causes of interruptions, their impact, and methods to overcome the challenges presented. Engineers and managers will learn about ways interruptions can be managed to reduce stress and increase productivity. Read more.