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Andrew Still

Andrew Still
Technical Director, Intechnica

Website | @andy_still

Andy is co-founder of Intechnica, a vendor independent IT performance consultancy.

Andy’s main interest is in developing high usage, highly performant websites and helping others to do so.

He also focuses is on improving the integration of performance into every stage of the development cycle with a particular interest in the integration of performance into the CI process.

Andy is one of the organisers of the Web Performance Group North UK and Amazon Web Services NW UK User Group, regularly blogs at Internet Performance Expert and Performance Patterns and started the programming initiative Progvember.


Location: 120/121 Level:
Andrew Still (Intechnica)
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(1.70, 10 ratings)
What is a Web Performance Warrior? Someone who not only realises the importance of performance, but can make the application they are involved in perform better than it does now and better than its competitors, flying the flag in their organisation for better performance. This session will set you on the right track to declare war on poor performance - to become a Web Performance Warrior. Read more.
Office Hours
Location: Table C (Banquet Hall)
Andrew Still (Intechnica)
If you’re trying to instigate change for the better in your organization, then Andy has hands-on experience to share. Come talk about performance culture, performance in agile process, and performance best practices. Read more.
Location: 113 Level: Intermediate
Andrew Still (Intechnica)
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(2.78, 9 ratings)
This session will look at some recommendations for performance improvement on mobile devices and ask whether they are responsible or irresponsible when viewed beyond just performance of our application. This will cover areas such as the impact on battery life, data usage and other issues that can lead to users removing apps. We will also look at what can be done to minimise these negative impacts. Read more.