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Mike Rembetsy

Mike Rembetsy
Manager Systems Engineer, Bloomberg


Michael Rembetsy is the Manager of Systems Engineer Bloomberg. He currently over sees all systems level engineering and infrastructure platform engineering with the Bloomberg infrastructure group. He has fostered a culture of learning and mindfulness at Bloomberg. Mike has worked in system operations for over 15 years in the web, healthcare, online media and financial industries. He started out in the help desk area before moving to engineering and has been building and running engineering teams ever since. In previous jobs he worked for Etsy, iVillage, NBC Universal and McDonalds.


Culture & Organizational Change
Location: 118/119 Level: Intermediate
Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)
Average rating: ****.
(4.43, 7 ratings)
This is the story of Etsy's continuous development process, applied to the workflow of our growing operations team. We will explore the changes to our collaborative relationships, ongoing management challenges, and the changes to workflow that have helped Etsy operations scale. Read more.
Location: 211 Level: Intermediate
Joshua Hoffman (LeaseWeb), Robert Treat (OmniTI), Michael Brunton-Spall (Bruntonspall Ltd), Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)
This panel will discuss the numerous operational decisions faced when deciding where to host. Topics will include provisioning, tooling, and how virtualization will help or hurt. Read more.
Culture & Organizational Change
Location: 124/125 Level: Non-technical
Patrick McDonnell (Etsy), Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)
Average rating: ****.
(4.14, 7 ratings)
How can your organization scale management without sacrificing the culture you have worked hard to build? Grow your own managers! This talk will focus on the steps Etsy has taken to overcome the pitfalls that lie in the path of transitioning from individual contributor to manager and how to encourage those who want to become managers for the right reasons. Read more.