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Your Place or Mine: A Discussion of Where to Host Your Site

Joshua Hoffman (LeaseWeb), Robert Treat (OmniTI), Michael Brunton-Spall (Bruntonspall Ltd), Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)
Location: 211 Level: Intermediate

Moderator: Mike Rembetsy

This panel will discuss the numerous operational decisions faced when deciding where to host. Topics will include provisioning, tooling, and how virtualization will help or hurt.

As the magical ‘cloud’ becomes more popular, is it the best option? Our panelists will share the lessons they’ve learned with the audience around internal cloud, external options and hosting your own hardware. Come and join this lively debate and figure out if you should use your place or mine.

Photo of Joshua Hoffman

Joshua Hoffman


An accomplished engineer and technical leader, Joshua Hoffman has trained Ops staff from San Francisco to Hong Kong in practical and efficient high scale system management and automation. Hoffman created Red Hat’s acclaimed Virtual Training platform and Virtualization certification exams. Prior to joining LeaseWeb, Hoffman served as Technical Director at SoundCloud and Tumblr, helping both companies build stable, scalable infrastructure to handle their explosive growth.

Photo of Robert Treat

Robert Treat


With more than fifteen years of experience building database backed, internet based systems at multiple fortune 500 companies, Robert is now CEO of OmniTI, a technical services firm focused on providing web application development and infrastructure management at scale. Author and speaker at conferences worldwide, Robert is a recognized expert within the industry on topics such as Open Source, databases, and managing operations at scale. He occasionally blogs at

Photo of Michael Brunton-Spall

Michael Brunton-Spall

Bruntonspall Ltd

Michael Brunton-Spall is an independent security consultant. Previously, Michael was deputy director for technology and operations and head of cybersecurity at the UK Government Digital Service and held a number of jobs ranging from creating low-level embedded hardware to gaming development on consoles to scaling and operating the Guardian newspaper. He is a regular conference speaker, the author of Agile Application Security, and an enthusiastic Agilist and security geek.

Photo of Mike Rembetsy

Mike Rembetsy


Michael Rembetsy is the Manager of Systems Engineer Bloomberg. He currently over sees all systems level engineering and infrastructure platform engineering with the Bloomberg infrastructure group. He has fostered a culture of learning and mindfulness at Bloomberg. Mike has worked in system operations for over 15 years in the web, healthcare, online media and financial industries. He started out in the help desk area before moving to engineering and has been building and running engineering teams ever since. In previous jobs he worked for Etsy, iVillage, NBC Universal and McDonalds.

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Picture of Jan Mara
Jan Mara
19-11-2014 20:45 CET

Very cool that you helped out :-) was a very interesting panel!