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Hand-made Operations: Scaling Workflow and Management at Etsy

Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)
Culture & Organizational Change
Location: 118/119 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
(4.43, 7 ratings)

This is the story of Etsy’s continuous development process, applied to the workflow of our growing operations team. We will explore the changes to our collaborative relationships, ongoing management challenges, and the changes to workflow that have helped Etsy operations scale. From a team of three to a team of nearly 30, we’ve gone from one big old list, to Kanban and now to BeerKan, and we’ve found that the ideas of workflow and management are interdependent, and both have an impact on failures and successes. As with any good Velocity talk, we will talk about what went right, what went wrong, and give the audience confidence to decide how to shape their own workflow when making similar choices within their organization.

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Mike Rembetsy


Michael Rembetsy is the Manager of Systems Engineer Bloomberg. He currently over sees all systems level engineering and infrastructure platform engineering with the Bloomberg infrastructure group. He has fostered a culture of learning and mindfulness at Bloomberg. Mike has worked in system operations for over 15 years in the web, healthcare, online media and financial industries. He started out in the help desk area before moving to engineering and has been building and running engineering teams ever since. In previous jobs he worked for Etsy, iVillage, NBC Universal and McDonalds.