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The Impatience Economy, Where Velocity Creates Value

Monica Pal (Aerospike Inc.)
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We live in the Impatience Economy where we want what we want, right here, and right now. Like most people, my dollar goes to the business that shows up, delivers and delights, while those who snooze loose. Big Data is often defined in terms of Variety, Volume and Velocity. How is Big Data re-defining Velocity? A new generation of startups are building a new class of big data driven applications that participate in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to listen, learn, deliver and delight with personalized pages, product recommendations, pricing discounts and deals on devices, mobile apps and web portals across the Internet. The entire process from click to view completes in 150ms and each participant has just a few milliseconds in which to show up, decide whether to bid and how much to bid, to make the bid and if they win the auction, decide what to deliver in order to delight. Is there a common architecture emerging? How are these startups going from 0 to revenue in months, using high Velocity to create big Value?

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Monica Pal

Aerospike Inc.

Monica is an engineer and entrepreneur; she started her career in Apple R&D, building messaging, directory and security products and then went on to build marketing infrastructure and agile teams at a series of startups including enCommerce (acquired by Entrust), LignUp, WSO2, AlienVault and now Aerospike, an open source, flash-optimized, in-Memory NoSQL database.

Monica has a BA in Computer Science from Rice University and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.