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Web Performance: Monitoring the Beast

Mehdi Daoudi (Catchpoint)
Location: 211/212
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As the complexity of the internet has grown, so too has the difficulty of monitoring your site. Between DNS, network complexity, infrastructure like home servers and CDNs, and bandwidth capacity, there is so much to keep track of – and much of it is outside of your own control.

So what can DevOps do to ensure that their sites are running as fast and reliably as possible?

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-founder of Catchpoint Systems, will draw upon his years of experience in the monitoring industry to highlight the many different factors that can cause a site to fail, and the best practices for avoiding them. He’ll highlight how success is about more than just preparation, it’s learning from the inevitable failures that you encounter along the way.

You may not be able to tame the beast completely, but you can certainly learn to avoid some of its more dangerous movements, and recover as quickly as possible from those that you can’t.

This keynote is sponsored by Catchpoint Systems

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Mehdi Daoudi


Mehdi Daoudi is the founder and CEO of Catchpoint, the industry’s fastest-growing web performance monitoring solution. Before Catchpoint, Mehdi spent 10+ years at DoubleClick and Google, where he was responsible for quality of services, buying, building, deploying, and using various internal and external monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the ad-serving infrastructure delivering billions of transactions a day using thousands of servers, routers, and various other systems.