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Office Hour with Uwe Beßle and Nils Kuhn (iteratec GmbH)

Nils Kuhn (iteratec GmbH), Uwe Beßle (iteratec GmbH)
Office Hours
Location: Table C (Banquet Hall)

WebPageTest is a great tool for ad hoc monitoring, but if you’re looking for continuous monitoring of your web apps, come talk to Uwe and Nils about:

  • How to leverage your private performance-monitoring infrastructure with OpenSpeedMonitor.
  • Multistep measurements with WebpageTest
  • Any other related questions you have on the subject
Photo of Nils Kuhn

Nils Kuhn

iteratec GmbH

Nils was born in 1977 in Hamburg city in Germany. From 1999 to 2005 he studied biology in Hamburg and finished with master degree.

From end of study to first years of work he moved from ecology and geoinformatics to software- and database-development. He worked as a software-developer in many different projects with both, web- and desktop-technologies.

Since 2011 he is senior software engineer at iteratec with a focus on web-applications and the monitoring and optimization of web-performance.

Photo of Uwe Beßle

Uwe Beßle

iteratec GmbH

Uwe was born 1965 in Berlin. He studied in Budapest from 1983 to 1988 and finished with a master degree in electrical engineering.

From 1988 until now he worked for different software companies in different roles.

Since 2003 he is senior IT consultant at iteratec with a focus on IT architecture and non-functional requirements.