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Office Hour with Kelsey Hightower (CoreOS)

Kelsey Hightower (Google)
Office Hours
Location: Table B (Banquet Hall)
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If you’re interested in running CoreOS and managing a distributed platform in production, bring Kelsey your questions about CoreOS, etcd, Docker, and cluster management using tools like Fleet and Kubernetes, including:

  • Managing Docker containers at scale with Fleet, flannel, and Kubernetes
  • Distributed configuration and locking with etcd
  • How to manage CoreOS in production: updates, monitoring, and logging
Photo of Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey Hightower


Kelsey Hightower is a open source advocate who is helping to build and advocate a modern way to run Linux servers at CoreOS. As an engineer Kelsey enjoys building simple tools that make people smile and is a regular contributor to Google’s Kubernetes project. When he is not slinging Go code you can catch him giving technical workshops covering everything from programming, system administration, and CoreOS.