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Office Hour with Yavor Atanasov (BBC)

Office Hours
Location: Table B (Banquet Hall)

Yavor welcomes any discussions related to his talk, including uilding software cleanly and in a reproducible way and why this matters, as well as:

  • The fastest way to bake an AMI and some considerations
  • How do you deploy docker containers?
  • The key benefits of being able to declaratively define and provision infrastructure as code
Photo of Yavor Atanasov

Yavor Atanasov


Yavor is a software engineer who has in-depth experience within the whole spectrum of web development at a very large scale.
He is from Bulgaria, living and working in London UK.
Part of BBC’s central Platform Team, working with a wide range of technologies and languages.
Currently building BBC’s next generation cloud based platform and continuous delivery pipeline using Amazon Web Services.
Pioneering continuous delivery and dev-ops culture within the development teams. Above all, having fun.