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Office Hour with Kornel Lesiński (FT Labs)

Kornel Lesiński (FT Labs)
Office Hours
Location: Table B (Banquet Hall)

Kornel is here to answer your questions about image compression pipeline: encoding, serving, and responsive images. He’s ready to chat about the following:

  • Encoding images for the best filesize/quality ratio
  • Guidelines for content negotiation, transcoding proxies, caching and offline storage
  • The srcset attribute and the picture element. Dealing with high-DPI (“Retina”) images
Photo of Kornel Lesiński

Kornel Lesiński

FT Labs

Creator of ImageOptim. Independent image compression researcher. Developer of lossy PNG compression tools: pngquant2 and ImageAlpha.

Developer at FT Labs — an emerging web technologies team at the Financial Times.

Participant in web standards development at WHATWG and RICG.