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LIGHTNING DEMO: Always Keep an Eye on Your Website Performance - PerfBar

Khalid Almutari (WireFilter)
Location: 211/212 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ***..
(3.13, 45 ratings)

In this lightning demo I will show you how to install and deploy PerfBar, walk you through the metrics, as well as show you how to create your own metrics.

I will go over how to leverage PerfBar to improve the performance of your website, and show you how it can help you improve the web performance culture at your company.

Photo of Khalid Almutari

Khalid Almutari


A 21-year-old, back-end and front-end engineer from Saudi Arabia, Khalid’s day job is a Full-Stack engineer at WireFilter working on the customer-facing web tools that they provide for their customers. More than 80% of the internet traffic in the region goes through their machines, efficiently handling billions of requests daily.

At night, Khalid works at Crafted-Apps (his own startup) building products, or working with clients to improve their web apps performance and architecture, and transforming their ideas from concepts to a reality.

He also enjoys building open-source projects that help developers build faster web apps, such as Steady.js, PerfBar, and other projects on Github.