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Time For a New Way to Measure User Experience?!

Klaus Enzenhofer (Dynatrace)
Location: 211/212
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The APDEX was established to give us a metric to optimize our websites for performance but is it still valid? Since it was established the world has changed and we are facing mobile native apps as well as single page websites which make traditional performance measurements useless. In this session we will explore what is needed in the mobile world of today to identify bad user experience and look into the new concept of a User Experience Index.

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Klaus Enzenhofer


Klaus Enzenhofer has over five years of experience and expertise in the fields of web performance optimisation and user experience management. He works as director of the Centre of Excellence team at Dynatrace. In this role, he influences the development of the Application Performance Management solution, focusing on real user monitoring of web and mobile applications. He is a regular speaker at technology conferences on real user monitoring and performance-related topics, and has also written many articles and blogs that that been published in print and online publications.

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14-11-2014 14:41 CET

I think the user oppinion and participation defining a new app or web is critical for success and for hooking clients.
But, how can we get it? How techniques can we use to ensure their satisfaction?