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Caching the Uncacheable

Hooman Beheshti (Fastly)
Location: 211 Level: Intermediate
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In the past, CDNs have been used to cache and distribute static objects. But issues around invalidation, staleness, and a lack of visibility have prevented us from using CDNs to fully leverage the benefits of caching when it comes to dynamic content. To fully take advantage of the power of modern CDNs, site operators look for better caching, control, and visibility, especially when dealing with dynamic content. In this session, we’ll look at the challenges CDNs have faced with dynamic content and what we should expect from CDNs in order to fully integrate your applications and leverage their global reach.

Specific topics include:

  • The need for an invalidation framework and real-time purging
  • Content control through dependencies
  • The necessity for configuration APIs and real-time functional changes through configuration
  • The demand for real-time logging
  • Examples of real world applications of these principles
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Hooman Beheshti


Hooman Beheshti is vice president of technology at Fastly, where he develops web performance services for the world’s smartest CDN platform. A pioneer in the application acceleration space, Hooman helped design one of the original load balancers while at Radware and has held senior technology positions with Strangeloop Networks and Crescendo Networks. He has worked on the core technologies that make the internet work faster for nearly 20 years and is an expert and frequent speaker on the subjects of load balancing, application performance, and content delivery networks.

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Picture of Hooman Beheshti
Hooman Beheshti
14-11-2014 20:29 CET

Dragos, the talk will cover how CDNs can cache dynamic content and objects that we’ve traditionally not been able to cache on a CDN. I’ll talk about the mechanisms necessary to do this and give a bunch of examples. It’ll be a technical talk, and it should apply to any CDN.

Picture of Dragos Rusu
Dragos Rusu
14-11-2014 20:21 CET

Will this go more into the technical area or will just underline statistics and principal ways of caching?