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Running Cross Functional Service Teams

Philip Reynolds (Workday)
Culture & Organizational Change
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The idea of independent, autonomous service teams is not new. Amazon, Akamai, Google, Facebook; at some level all of these companies have embraced the idea of autonomy for developers, tooling to support a self-service model and at their core, the idea of what most of us would consider cross-functional responsibility for the delivery and the running of the service.

My engineering background is reasonably unique in that I’ve worked professionally in the capacity of a software developer and a system administrator. Sometimes, acting in both capacities at once (You guessed it I worked at startups!)

I progressed in to management at Workday, running our EMEA Technical Operations group. That Technical Operations organisation was the last stop for most developers on their way to delivering to production. As Workday scaled, we imagined there were more efficient ways to scale delivery & operations.

Right now, I report up in to our Technology Services / Engineering organisation running our first cross functional groups which are responsible for some core elements of our platform. The monitoring team which provides our monitoring platform is the first example of a self-service team and we are using those learnings to help hire, guide & build other self-service units within the business.

This talk is meant to be useful for anyone currently transitioning or looking to transition towards cross functional scrum teams.

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Philip Reynolds


Engineering background in both development, build and operations. Internet systems

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Picture of Philip Reynolds
Philip Reynolds
17-11-2014 11:45 CET

Hey Stu, I’ll be talking about my experience running groups with both developers & operations.

Picture of Stu Charlton
Stu Charlton
16-11-2014 22:22 CET

What are the type of roles you’d expect in the cross functional teams that you’re going to be talking about?

Picture of Philip Reynolds
Philip Reynolds
26-08-2014 19:58 CEST

Any specific areas you’d like me to address, I’d love to hear some suggestions / feedback