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Responsive Images are Coming to a Browser Near You

Yoav Weiss (Akamai)
Location: 113 Level: Intermediate
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After over 2 years of community effort, we have finally reached the stage where a native responsive images solution is right around the corner. Major browsers and the Responsive Images Community Group are working hand in hand on the picture element specification, and implementations are under way.

In this session we will discuss the various use cases the specification handles, the native solution for them, the matching syntax for each one, do’s and don’ts when it comes to polyfilling, and the state of current implementation efforts.

Photo of Yoav Weiss

Yoav Weiss


Yoav is a Web performance and browser internals specialist, working on responsive design Web performance, image compression and more. He recently implemented the srcset attribute in Blink.

He is an
RICG technical lead, a Blink & WebKit contributor and a bass player.

You can follow his rants on Twitter or have a peek at his latest prototypes on Github.

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Picture of Yoav Weiss
Yoav Weiss
14-11-2014 20:30 CET

@Dragos – The session will cover the new picture element and srcset & sizes attributes that together enable Web developers to declare responsive content images in HTML.

These techniques are currently available (shipping in Chrome & Opera), and have a spec compliant polyfill, which enables support in other browsers.

Hope this helps :)

Picture of Dragos Rusu
Dragos Rusu
14-11-2014 20:23 CET

The description is not so clear so I can’t decide whether to join this or not. Will this cover the existing ways of responsive (media queries, etc) or the new tag that will be available at some time and which will have a sense of responsiveness.