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How BBC Sport Scales Engineering

Keith Mitchell (EF Education First)
Culture & Organizational Change
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London 2012 was deemed the first truly digital Olympics and set a new and very high bar for what audiences could and should expect from live event coverage from the BBC. The online coverage included over 50,000 web pages and 2,000 hours of streamed video, available on mobile, tablets, PCs and IPTV. After this huge success, a new team – now much smaller – has had the challenge of taking sport coverage even further. During the past 2 years the team has embarked on a programme of work aimed at delivering the very best online sport experience, through building the strongest engineering team, best development practices, technical architecture that scales, and a world-class user experience. The result has been a huge 2014 summer of sport covered by BBCs best-ever online service, enjoyed by millions.

In this presentation, Keith Mitchell will focus on the challenges faced by the engineering team in order to continue to innovative and deliver high performing products while establishing sound, repeatable development practices. The presentation will discuss how our practices have changed and how we strive to continually improve our automated testing and development cycle. I’ll introduce and demonstrate a number of the Open Source tools we have established and show how both the “3 Amigos Process” and sweet confections (cake) helped us learn and improve without blame.

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Keith Mitchell

EF Education First

Keith Mitchell is the Group Engineering Manager within FM Sport and leads the software engineering discipline across a team of around 30 developers, architects and engineers. He is responsible for the development and delivery of the Sport online product across desktop, mobile and native app (iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone) platforms. He obtained both his undergraduate and post-graduate degree at the University of Lancaster before joining BBC Future Media in 2011 as the Technical Lead for London 2012 on Mobile. Following London 2012 he led the development of BBC Sport on mobile web, tablet and native apps before taking up his current role. He currently focusses on Engineering Excellence in order to scale up the engineering team and support continuous delivery of sport features to the audience.