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How We Sped up Baidu Map's Mobile Website to the Next Level

Zheng Jia (Baidu)
Location: 113 Level: Intermediate
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In the year 2010 we launched baidu map for mobile browsers. In China the mobile network condition is not so good and as the number of mobile users grow rapidly year by year we begin to pay more attention to the mobile performance issue. Besides regular WPO techniques we tried some other optimizations and the performance of our map webapp are improved significantly.

In this talk I will show you some key techniques we use to speed up our mobile webapp.

  • How we redefine the performance metrics and why we do so.
  • How we refactor the previous single-page architecture and make the page load time within 1000ms averagely.
  • How we draw vector data on canvas instead of load images to render map which reduces 60% data and make map render 2x faster in 2G network.
  • How we use GPU acceleration cautiously as well as reduce javascript execution time to make panorama function more smoothly.

Zheng Jia


Jia Zheng is a senior front-end engineer at Baidu. He works on the Baidu map team for over 5 years where he is responsible for developing baidu map products including desktop websites, mobile websites and map APIs. He also loves interaction and graphics design. Zheng has a Master’s degree in computer software and theory from University of Science and Technology Beijing.