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Building the FirefoxOS Homescreen

Kevin Grandon (Mozilla)
Location: 113 Level: Intermediate
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FirefoxOS (FxOS) is pushing the web to new frontiers including mobile devices, tablets, televisions, and more. At the same time we are shipping on high end devices, and $25 smartphones for the masses. There are many challenges building a web OS for such a wide variety of form factors and capabilities.

We’re creating an OS which embraces the web. Our latest homescreen is a complete redesign from the previous FxOS experience, and a re-invention of the mobile UI. We pushed the web to the limits to support this interface and the open nature of FxOS. We’ll talk about the technical details of what it took to build the new homescreen for FxOS, and how you can start building your own today.

This talk is a technical talk covering HTML, CSS, and Javascript. By the end of the talk you might learn something about mobile web performance, the latest in web technologies, and building an app for FirefoxOS.

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Kevin Grandon


Kevin is an open web engineer at Mozilla. He helped launch FirefoxOS 1.0 and is now moving the web forward with products such as FirefoxOS and web standards.