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IT Janitor - How to Tidy Up

Mark Barnes (Financial Times)
Culture & Organizational Change
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Legacy systems are often left moldering in the corner of a data centre, becoming increasingly unsupportable and often slowing down speed to market and performance of other systems as development teams code around them.

Although this subject is unusual for a velocity conference I believe we often need to tidy up the old things so that we can move forwards more quickly with the new ones. This session looks at the lessons learnt and the techniques used by the decommissioning team at the Financial Times to finally rid themselves of solaris 8.

This includes

  • How we got stakeholder and business buy-in to address the issue.
  • How we used monitoring tools such as splunk to help us identify and drive down traffic.
  • How we migrated applications piece by painful piece.
  • The performance gains and cost savings we garnered as a result of the decommissioning.
  • Ultimately how we eventually simply switched things off and waited to see if anyone complained.
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Mark Barnes

Financial Times

Mark is responsible for the Integration team at the Financial Times and has led many projects in monitoring, disaster recovery and decommissioning. He has over 15 years industry experience, starting off as a very average *NIX sysadmin. That said he does have a knack for getting things done and a passion for turning off the old stuff that people would like to forget about.