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Guide to Survive a World Wide Event

Almudena Vivanco (Telefónica I+D), Mateus Bartz (Telefónica)
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We have several points in which we have improved during last year and a half and we want to share it with the audience:

  • Performance Squad with people from different disciplines such as development, QA and Operations.
  • Continuous Performance Testing using Visual Studio
  • Cross Platform, the application runs in huge diversity of devices from Mobile Phones, tablets, smartTVs, xBOX live… Challenging Automated Testing!
  • HTML5 portals
  • Global Worldwide Platform deployed in 2 continents (South America and Spain) to decrease the impact of transcontinental latency.
  • MongoDB, CouchBase in a unique monitoring service.

And we have more points in which we want to improve and we are working on it:

  • Streaming Quality
  • Platform Robustness against traffic avalanches.
  • New streaming formats

Almudena Vivanco

Telefónica I+D

I studied Applied Maths at Oviedo University from that time my taste for graphs and numbers. I arrived to Barcelona 11 years ago and started working as .NET programmer. I realized that I am better at discovering issues than at fixing them, and as I am a lazy I started using automatization tools for testing. I am a gamer, i love mmo’s since MUDs and of course i love playing without lag! When i discovered there were people that worked with testing the performance of online services I fell in love and 7 years ago i decided to be a performance test engineer. I worked for,, azkar, and Nowadays i work in Telefónica I+D learning new things every day.

Photo of Mateus Bartz

Mateus Bartz


Internet and IT professional with +10 years managing a broad range of technologies in large-scale and mission-critical environments, while leading all stages of service design and service delivery, including requirements definitions, design, architecture, deployment, testing, operations, maintenance and support. People skills and active in influence and motivate. Brazilian with native Portuguese speaking, English and Spanish speaking.