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Recruiting for Diversity in Tech

Laine Campbell (Fastly)
Location: 211/212 Level: Non-technical
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This talk will focus on:

An overview of the current challenges, opportunities and conflicts facing technology organizations and individuals seeking to join those organizations.

Power of diversity

The myth and debunking of the meritocracy
The need for technology jobs and income to underserved populations
The impact to organizations who stay homogenous

Finding Candidates

Reaching out to change patterns
Proactive reach out for candidates
Attending and creating events to bring more people
Utilizing other organizations to create new pathways into your own

A deep dive into building an interview process that drives diversity

Establishing the baseline for candidates – what does the company want
Interview questions and level setting
Communications back and forth – what to do and not to do
Empathy, engagement and protocol

Ongoing Culture

The code of conduct
A meritocracy that CAN work
Empathy and engagement
Using diversity to build momentum on all processes

Photo of Laine Campbell

Laine Campbell


Laine Campbell is an operations and database reliability veteran with 19 years of production experience under her belt. She is also the lead co-author for O’Reilly’s “Database Reliability Engineering” book. Currently the Sr. Director of Production Engineering at Fastly, she has established her experience and knowledge while working with such systems and organizations as Travelocity, Obama for America, Activision, Apple, LiveJournal, Chegg, Adobe, Disney Mobile, Zendesk and Okta. Laine has a passion for technical leadership, particularly serving as leadership and strategy support for high performing SRE, Operations and database organizations.