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As a well known mobile brand, our team at Vodafone needs to ensure that our user community is happy with the online experience it receives. Whether our site is accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, customers need to be assured that we’re at the forefront of online experience and can deliver a quality service. Paramount to creating this quality experience is being able to interpret and act on performance metrics. We take the audience behind the sites and expose the tools and tactics used to transform the Vodafone Online experience.

This transformation didn’t happen overnight. We faced a number of challenges. We needed to ensure load times were consistently quick across all users’ connections, from mobile wireless to fixed-line Internet. And we needed to minimize errors across multiple websites serving markets from Europe to South Africa—all while making it easy to navigate and not get held up by slow loading videos or complex homepages.

As we continue to update and change our website we need to keep a grasp of what our customers are seeing. The slightest change to a website can have a big impact on the site’s performance, and it is critical that we understand and resolve any problems before a customer is inconvenienced. Users themselves are also changing, their habits and preferences are becoming more complex and it is absolutely critical that we evolve to cater to this demand before our competitors do.

With the growing adoption of 4G in the market, site owners face another challenge delivering a mobile site. Users with a 4G connection will want to make the most of their quicker connection capabilities, but site we still need to cater for the majority of customers still using 2G and 3G connections.

Managing the online performance of a multinational brand is a huge challenge and Ed Fletcher, Head of Global Online Optimisation at Vodafone, presents on best practices when building and operating a site that needs to serve different devices and function in different environments. Ed goes into further detail on the following points:

  • Finding a common solution for 19 independent markets
  • Performance monitoring strategy as we move from desktop to tablet
  • The real driver for performance: Customer experience
  • Benchmarking site performance against competitors to ensure a competitive edge

Fundamentally, a site can say a lot about a company, particularly one in the mobile space. Hear how Vodafone has created a compelling user experience for their customers.

This session is sponsored by Keynote Systems

Photo of Ed Fletcher

Ed Fletcher

Vodafone Group Services

I’ve spent the last three years at Vodafone Group leading a small but dedicated team focussed on optimising the customer experience for consumers. Needless to say, digital performance has been top of my agenda. Starting from scratch, I set-up a team to monitor the online and mobile performance across separate sites in 23 countries, and by using key suppliers drive down the page load speed. However important it is, performance is not the end goal. In order to be successful, any program must deliver measurable business value, and this has been my driving force.
Prior to working on customer experience optimisation, I spent 15 years in the IBM Lab at Hursley focussing on the performance of distributed transaction processing systems and messaging middleware, before taking Technical Architecture roles in Vodafone UK and Vodafone Group. I’m a Fellow of the British Computer Society, have chaired cross-industry user groups.

Photo of Rich Howard

Rich Howard


Rich is the lead technical consultant in the Online Optimisation Team at Vodafone Group in London (world’s 2nd largest mobile telecoms provider).

He works with 20 Vodafone international markets to optimise the performance of both desktop and mobile enterprise web applications and mobile apps.

In his role he also provides technical governance for new application releases and publishes performance optimisation guidelines and best practice for developers, operations and commercial teams to follow.

Prior to his work at Vodafone, Rich has had 12+ years experience working as a senior consultant and developer on several high profile projects, including the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, World Vision, the Natural History Museum, the National Trust, Total Jobs and LexisNexis.

Passionate about user experience, his technical skills cover HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone.js, Require.js, node.js etc), PHP, Java, Objective C, iPhone app development, Android app development, Hybrid app development, MySQL, XML, Apache, Git, Selenium, Firebug, Dynatrace, Charles, Wireshark, Pagespeed, YSlow, WebPageTest, Keynote, etc.

Outside of work, Rich speaks fluent Thai, and enjoys travelling to far flung destinations in South East Asia.


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