One Weird Trick to Transform your Culture Overnight!

Operations and Culture
Location: King's Suite - Sandringham Level: Non-technical
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Does your organization have a cool office? Ping pong, air hockey and plush couches? Culture isn’t a series of checkboxes or perks. In the same way, how you create is often as important as what you create. By focusing on the tools and systems that service “internal customers”, you’ll see more satisfaction, more responsibility and, yes, more culture. We’ll also look for the sweet-spot between set-it-and-forget-it systems and spending all your time making things to make things, instead of making things.

In this session we will cover:

  • Going from untrusting to “trust, but verify” to just trusting
  • Why trust is scary, but necessary
  • How having even just one person focus on tools can shift everything
  • How to avoiding reinventing the wheel

Warning: May contain kittens, unicorns and puppies.

Photo of Erik Kastner

Erik Kastner


Erik Kastner has given presentations large and small, from the international Rails conference to informal company brown-bag. He strives to find the laziest way to get things done – even if it ends up being a lot more work. Automation, exploration and the simple joy of building underpin just about everything he does. Other than a strange, dream-filled few years in San Francisco, Erik has lived in New Jersey his whole life. He works at Kickstarter in NYC hand-crafting code, crafts and tools.


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