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This is the story of how Hipster, a fictional New York City based social blogging platform, migrated from managed hosting to their servers. In their own facility. In under 6 hours. On the first try. Through this story I will illustrate the tools and techniques that made it all possible. It is also the story of the technologies we used and the lessons learned along the way. Most importantly, it is the story of how to rapidly scale up and survive the tidal wave users that comes with massive popularity.

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Joshua Hoffman


An accomplished engineer and technical leader, Joshua Hoffman has trained Ops staff from San Francisco to Hong Kong in practical and efficient high scale system management and automation. Hoffman created Red Hat’s acclaimed Virtual Training platform and Virtualization certification exams. Prior to joining LeaseWeb, Hoffman served as Technical Director at SoundCloud and Tumblr, helping both companies build stable, scalable infrastructure to handle their explosive growth.


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