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At the MailOnline we use CFEngine as the core of our configuration management. A way in which we describe our intentions in clear, precise and workable logic patterns which the Machine can understand without ambiguity.

In this 90 minute tutorial, we will take a tour around the fundamentals by building a small infrastructure on virtual machines.

We will explore the cfengine language and hopefully you’ll get a good understanding of how to best use it and what to avoid!

We will see some common patterns you can re-use easily and some mistakes that you really want to avoid.

We will also examine the role of the human as well as the machine and how to adjust our thinking to give our machines a better chance of doing what we want them to.

It’s a lot to get through but you’ll learn a bit and have lots to go away and investigate afterwards.

Your’re engineers! What more could you want?

Photo of Khushil Dep

Khushil Dep

Symphonic Solutions Ltd

I’m a solutions focused Unix engineer with over 20 years experience delivering leading edge solutions for businesses of all sizes. Over the years I’ve worked for companies such as PIPEX, ICL, Capgemini, Bounty and currently lead the engineering team moving the MailOnline into a true cloud architecture.

My Engineering philosophy is based on a single guiding principal: No Compromises. It is a principal that has meant many long hours, personal sacrifice and loss, hard fought and sometimes bitter battles with incumbent teams; but one that as ultimately won the day and seen true innovation delivered.

I believe, passionately, in the ideal of the Machine. Logic within Constraint. I believe this is the model we see around us each day employed by the Universe to maintain this reality to which we all subscribe. I believe by deploying that ideal without the practise of our discipline and in the governance of our domain we can achieve the goal which perhaps we’ve all allowed to fall by the wayside.


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