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I am Lead Software Performance Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming; an online betting company. The online betting industry presents an interesting performance challenge in that our traffic is not only large but very spiky. Add to this time sensitive data, complex features and monolithic systems and you have the perfect performance storm! This talk will discuss how we achieved an order of magnitude improvement in performance by applying the KISS principle to our code and simply writing less of it!

I’ll look at how we re-wrote our mobile website while baking in some performance best practice. I’ll look at how we ripped things up and started again with our platform architecture, PHP framework, JS frameworks, database and development approach. We’ve taken advantage of some things we’ve learned from previous Velocity conferences (e.g. WPT and FastClick). Along the way I’ll be throwing the software engineering handbook out the window and flying in the face of convention in the hope of stirring up a little controversy! ;) I’ll also look at our empirical evidence based approach to making implementation choices based on automated performance testing.

Photo of Dan Rathbone

Dan Rathbone

British Sky Broadcasting

I lead a small team of engineers working across the entire product life-cycle to ensure the in-house web applications produced by Sky Betting and Gaming run fast.

I am a generalist and work with whatever technology is needed to get the job done. From databases to web browsers, from kernel tweaking to javascript compilation and everything in between.


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