Getting 100B metrics to disk

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Awesome! Traffic to your site is really picking up and everything is lookin’ good. Well,
except for that database back in the corner, but it will hold… right? No one really
wants to deal with scaling the database tier, but hopefully your customers will drag you
(perhaps kicking and screaming) to some sort of distributed database archetecture.

This talk is all about scaling MySQL through hardware optimizations and sharding from a
Site Engineering perspective. This includes real world examples of finding pain points,
identifying risks, and evaluating cloud vs hardware scaling. I’ll also discus distributed
database management, dealing with data purging, making consistent backups, and how to
keep the site up when things go bad.

Photo of Jonathan Thurman

Jonathan Thurman

New Relic

Jonathan is a Site Reliability Engineer at New Relic where he applies his systems, networking, and coding skills to automate their infrastructure. For over the last 15 years he has worked on a variety of projects including unified communications, performance testing, automation, and scaling for the web.


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