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Web sites and applications are starting to decouple and separate functionality and services from the frontend web server and more often push them to be handled by servers at the edge of the internet. This idea is commonly known as Edge Computing and it is a hot trend right now. Content caching and request routing are among some of the common tasks being pushed to the edge. As the trend continues, it is evident that we need to introduce various other processing capabilities at the edge in order to support more use cases. One of the more discussed ways of doing so is to support Edge Side Include (ESI). It is a simple markup language that provides content assembly at the edge level.

In Yahoo!, we used ESI extensively in high trafficked media properties such as News, Lifestyle and Entertainments. This talk will share our experiences working with ESI. We will start with simple use case of content assembly and get the audience familiar with the embarrassingly simple and tiny templating language right away. You will get the hang of it within a minute. Then we will present a couple of our more innovative ESI use cases at large scale and show the audience its great potentials. We will also share with you the current support of it among HTTP proxy software (such as Apache Traffic Server and Varnish) and CDN vendors (e.g. Akamai). Finally we will discuss about its current limitations and shortcomings and hopefully revive people interests in this specification as well as working towards a version 2.0

Shu Kit Chan

Yahoo! Inc

Kit has been a software engineer at Yahoo! for 7 years. He had worked as engineering architects for many media properties on Yahoo!, such as Health, Astrology, Food, Lifestyle, Shine, Autos, Real Estate, etc. He is currently working as the engineering architect for the custom solution group within Yahoo! that is responsibly for building engaging experiences for custom events, such as Royal Wedding and Clinton Foundation Concert.

He has very strong interests in HTTP proxy technology and is an active contributor to edge computing strategy in Yahoo!

He currently lives in Foster City, California .

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Shu Kit Chan
14/11/2013 18:31 GMT

Thanks for attending my talk. The slides are available on this page already.


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