DOM to Pixels: Accelerate Your Rendering Performance

Web Performance
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Historically we have concentrated (and rightly so) on networking performance: how quickly can I serve my site or application to end users? But what about once your code is delivered and running?

Many screens today refresh at 60Hz, and the browser is timed to match that rate. If your application isn’t running at 60 frames per second your users will notice; engagement will drop and potentially your customers will go to a competitor. In short, failing to optimize rendering performance negatively impacts your business.

In this talk we will step through how the browser converts the DOM to pixels, where potential bottlenecks creep in and what strategies and tools we have to profile and debug issues.

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Paul Lewis


Paul is a Developer Advocate on the Google Chrome team. He spends his days profiling rendering performance issues, and helping developers to build faster sites and apps.


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