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According to the, the average size of a webpage now comes in at around 1MB and is growing. Most websites today rely heavily on images to enhance their visual look and feel and that’s why it’s not surprising to learn that images can make up the bulk of a web page request.

It is important for us as developers to look for new ways to reduce the size of the images and ultimately the size of our web pages. Putting your images on a diet can seriously improve the performance of your webpages!

Modern image optimization techniques are proven to reduce the size of the image by stripping any unnecessary data from the image, thus reducing the file size without actually affecting the quality of the image. This means that your web pages become lighter and faster without sacrificing on image quality.

Engineers will look to attend this presentation because images are such an important part of web development. They will learn how to reduce the size of their images through various methods as well as significantly improve the performance of their webpages.

Photo of Dean Hume

Dean Hume


Dean Hume is an author, Google Developer Expert, and all-around web performance geek. He regularly writes articles based on software development on his blog at

Photo of Robin Osborne

Robin Osborne


Robin Osborne is a freelance nerd, lover of shiny new tech and connecting solid, established tech for big wins. A lover of all things tech performance related, he’s fascinated by the various approaches teams take to improve their existing systems, or setting up new systems from scratch. When not plugging away with new technologies, he can be found training developers, pitching for conferences, and trying to write a book or two. Robin speaks, blogs, and writes at

When there’s a spare moment, he can be found teaching his daughters to code, cycling for fun and charity, and hunting down London’s best coffee – one café at a time.


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