Velocity Europe 2012 Tutorials

Please note: there is an additional fee required to attend tutorials at Velocity.

Location: Westminster Level: Intermediate
Theo Schlossnagle (Circonus)
Average rating: ****.
(4.15, 13 ratings)
As demands for performance increase and the complexity of Internet application architectures grow, operations are abandoned in a perfect storm. The problems are ever harder to diagnose and the need to rapid remediation is more than ever. You need the right techniques and methodologies or you'll be ineffective or, worse, an obstacle. Learn them here. Read more.
Location: Park Suite Level: Intermediate
Joshua Marantz (Google), Bryan McQuade (Google), Patrick Meenan (Facebook)
Average rating: ****.
(4.20, 5 ratings)
During this session, we will analyze web sites suggested by the audience using PageSpeed Insights, the new PageSpeed Critical Path Explorer, and Chrome Developer Tools. We’ll find the bottlenecks and see how much faster we can make the sites using mod_pagespeed, PageSpeed Service, and the Google Analytics Site Speed report. Read more.
Location: Park Suite Level: Non-technical
Guy Podjarny (Snyk)
Average rating: ****.
(4.14, 7 ratings)
Mobile Optimization is complicated, and there's no single silver bullet. Many different bottlenecks take their toll along the way, and while some have a huge impact, others still add up. In this presentation, we'll take a website and optimize it step by step. Read more.
Location: Westminster Level: Intermediate
John Allspaw (Adaptive Capacity Labs)
Average rating: ****.
(4.46, 13 ratings)
In this talk we'll dig in deep into outage events in order to understand the hurdles we face when we find ourselves in tough times. * Human behavior in disorienting situations * Team troubleshooting pitfalls and successes * Preparing for outage handling * "Situational awareness" and "crew resource management" applied to web operations * Coordination and decision-making under pressure Read more.
Location: Westminster Level: Intermediate
Mark Burgess (Cfengine)
Average rating: ***..
(3.67, 3 ratings)
In the very different environment of the 1990s, the speaker introduced that concepts of desired-state management and convergent repair, which formed the basis for tools like CFEngine, Puppet and Chef. Today, the industry has evolved considerably, and Mark Burgess is not standing still. In this talk, he asks: what are the next steps for IT infrastructure tech? Read more.
Location: Park Suite Level: Non-technical
Jeroen Tjepkema (MeasureWorks)
Average rating: **...
(2.78, 9 ratings)
This workshop will provide the audience with a design framework for a Web Performance Dashboard, including a working demo. Various aspect of the dashboard will be covered, from data collection, tools for measuring performance data and how they can be combined in a single dashboard view, as well as building the dashboard itself. Read more.
Location: Park Suite
Steve Souders (SpeedCurve), Patrick Meenan (Facebook)
Average rating: ***..
(3.80, 5 ratings)
Join Steve and Past as they show how to quickly identify the common bottlenecks in today's popular websites. This tutorial combines techniques for website performance analysis with a survey of the latest web performance tools. In addition to page load time the goal of progressive rendering is covered, as well as the role of automated performance optimization tools. Read more.
Location: Westminster Level: Intermediate
Stephen Nelson-Smith (Atalanta Systems Ltd)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 4 ratings)
How Operations approaches their work is just as important as the work itself. It can either be a haphazard and constantly interrupt-driven pile of tickets, or a sane method that suits your team. This talk will go over the concerns and considerations for prioritizing, coordinating, and tracking work to be done. Read more.


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