Simon Hildrew

Simon Hildrew
Lead Infrastructure Developer, The Guardian

Website | @sihil

Simon has worked at the Guardian for four years in multiple guises. For two of those years he led the ops team through a phase that saw the team grow to three times the size. Now he works on developing internal deployment, monitoring and management tools in an effort to make life easier for developers and operations alike.


Operations and Culture
Location: Buckingham Room Level: Intermediate
Simon Hildrew (The Guardian), Nick Satterly (The Guardian)
Average rating: ****.
(4.20, 5 ratings)
This is a story of trying to make good quality metrics and monitoring a reality. We’ll talk about the products we settled on, how we set about reducing the friction and removing roadblocks we hit, the many mistakes we made along the way and how hiring someone just for metrics was one of the best things The Guardian Ops team has done. Read more.


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