Joachim Schneider

Joachim Schneider

Joachim Schneider, Director Software Engineering, NETRADA – Mr. Schneider outlines how Keynote products in web performance management and web load testing were incremental to stem heavy weight online sales promotions for NETRADA’s clients and customers. Online sales promotions generate peak loads exceeding normal traffic by 100% to 200%. It was incremental for NETRADA – responsible for the online set up, performance and availability – to launch real world tests and performance measures before going live.

NETRADA the leading full -service eCommerce solution provider for fashion & lifestyle has established itself as exclusive partner for renowned European and American brands such as Puma, Hugo Boss, C&A and Görtz.


Location: Bleinheim Room/Palace Suite Level: Non-technical
Donald Foss (Keynote Systems), Ed Fletcher (Vodafone Group Services), Joachim Schneider (NETRADA Europe GmbH)
Keynote Systems, the global leader in mobile and web cloud testing & monitoring, features in this session their customers Vodafone and NETRADA. Vodafone and NETRADA highlight in real world projects how they used Keynote System’s world’s largest on-demand performance monitoring and testing infrastructure to build a robust online presence and preventing expensive technology-glitches denting revenue Read more.


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