Brian Whitman
Co-founder/CTO, The Echo Nest

Website | @bwhitman

Brian Whitman (The Echo Nest) teaches computers how to make, listen to, and read about music. He received his doctorate from the Machine Listening group at MIT’s Media Lab in 2005 and his masters in Computer Science from Columbia University’s Natural Language Processing group in 2000. His research links automatically extracted community knowledge of music to its acoustic properties to “learn the meaning of music.” His composition and sound art projects consider the effects of machine interpretation of large amounts of media, such as the first actual “computer music” (as in music for computers) of “Eigenradio.” As the co-founder and CTO of the Echo Nest Corporation, Brian architects an open platform with billions of data points about the world of music: from the listeners to the musicians to the sounds within the songs.


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Brian Whitman (The Echo Nest)
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The Echo Nest powers most music discovery experiences you have on the internet today, from Spotify to MTV to MOG to iHeartRadio, and it's all built on a huge datastore of music data we've created using custom storage and indexing approaches on top of stock tools like Solr, Tokyo Tyrant and SQL. Find out how we can fingerprint a song in 50ms or recommend a playlist in 100. Read more.


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