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Presentation slides will be made available after the session has concluded and the speaker has given us the files. Check back if you don't see the file you're looking for—it might be available later! (However, please note some speakers choose not to share their presentations.) Also, check out the presentation files from the 2011 edition of Velocity Europe.

How you measure is as important as what you measure when it comes to improving the performance of your websites and embeddable content. Follow a real world use case using Real User Measurements across multiple delivery networks and how comparing metrics against content your do not control can help give insight on what to improve upon for you own delivery.
Our mobile apps have been downloaded more than 12 million times. Along the way we had to cope with operational and performance challenges. We will share three which caused us most headaches: Crash reports and why they don't help us to make users happy, how Facebook brought down our applications and what it means to have millions of blind spots in applications operation.
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This workshop will provide the audience with a design framework for a Web Performance Dashboard, including a working demo. Various aspect of the dashboard will be covered, from data collection, tools for measuring performance data and how they can be combined in a single dashboard view, as well as building the dashboard itself.
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An overview of Google Compute Engine. GCE provides Virtual Machines optimized for large scale data processing and analytics. We will dive into the core concepts, API, unique features and architectural best practices in the context of concrete examples.
You have optimized your website with various solutions and best practices. But are you sure your end users experience a real gain in performance? Does every user benefit in the same way if they are connecting from tablets, smartphones, or desktops? How well do user-side processing capacity, browser type and version, and network speed convey your optimizations?
In this keynote, CDNetworks COO Jeff Kim will talk about the state of the emerging internet and how to reach growth markets with your website and cloud applications.
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In this talk we'll dig in deep into outage events in order to understand the hurdles we face when we find ourselves in tough times. * Human behavior in disorienting situations * Team troubleshooting pitfalls and successes * Preparing for outage handling * "Situational awareness" and "crew resource management" applied to web operations * Coordination and decision-making under pressure
You are a developer, you live and breathe agile development, automated testing and continuous integration. You are also on-call, tasked with keeping the site up and running. Rather than trial-and-error you are looking for pointers to fast-track your operations to a more mature level. In this session you will learn how to create enough structure in your operations to scale without going crazy.
Having been the voice for software engineering in operations environments most of my career, I've been 'part of the problem' between dev and ops. To make amends, I'll offer some ideas on what made software engineering and many other disciplines more successful.
See how Keynote KITE complements your favorite page testing tools such as Web Page Test, YSlow, and Page Speed by analyzing the performance of dynamic transactions spanning multiple web pages and user interactions. Robert Castley will also demonstrate how Keynote MITE helps developers of mobile websites analyze the performance of pages delivered to virtually any mobile device—including tablets.
Wednesday Lightning Demos.
Thursday Lightning Demos
Facebook's website is constantly changing, find out what goes on behind the scenes as the largest website in the world changes the code on it's web servers everyday. This is a story of a small change that travels from idea to production through the Facebook deployment engine.
In this keynote, Andrew Hutchings, Master Software Engineer for HP will share his experiences and challenges of scaling the development and testing of Openstack. As well as how to apply similar methods to your own projects.
China is a huge emerging Internet market but web optimization presents unique challenges that require insight. This workshop will show specific insight factors that undermine web performances in China and tools and methods to resolve them. From DNS to GFW to how to track performances down to key cities and regional level, this workshop will show how to avoid key mistakes in China.
‘Screamingly fast’ is now a requirement for all projects on We'd like to share the challenges we faced in getting here, the steps we've taken to achieve 'screamingly fast' and how we're using real-time metrics to maintain performance while deploying to production many times per day.
Join this session to learn about the various challenges to serving emerging markets and how a CDN can help you not only deliver a fast download of your website and web applications even in China, but can also help you manage content and regulatory issues. This session will be full of benchmarks, case studies, examples, and charts.
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Right now the BBC is preparing their network for the 2012 Olympics. This presentation will be after the Olympics. Come along and find out how we prepared and how well (or badly) we did, at least you should see some pretty graphs.
Apple's iPhone SDK has been the largest disruption to software development since the Web, sparking the creation in a few short years of the largest medium for consumer engagement in the world, eclipsing the Web, movies, and even television.
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A step-by-step presentation of how Box transitioned its 2 million line web application codebase from a single bottlenecked MySQL database to a fully sharded, horizontally scalable database architecture. The focus will be on the incremental steps and best practices that enabled the successful execution of this fundamental change, all the while continuously serving 2 billion queries per day.
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The number of scripts from 3rd-party providers on websites is growing rapidly. Do you know what your dependencies are and what will happen to your site if any of them go down? Come find out how to identify the issues and techniques for mitigating them.
The W3C Web Performance Group has been working on a set of new standards to make measuring performance from a real users perspective much easier. This session will provide an insight into current and future standards.
Want to build game or social app? Want it to make scale from a web view to a native app? Want to go multiplayer? Now you can with websockets and some out of the box thinking.
You have probably used WebPagetest to find out how fast a webpage loads, analyze the waterfall chart and looked at the recommendations for making the page load faster. But did you know you can do much more with WebPagetest? Join Aaron and Andy for a demo of the advanced capabilities of WPT.
Working in Web Operations means dealing with production systems that in most cases needs to be operational 24x7x365. To reach 99.999% uptime, you must fail as little as possible. This talk will go through a few real-world incidents and failures experienced by our WebOps team, and outline what we are learning (the hard way), and how we're trying to improve. What could possibly go wrong?
Betfair's ground-up site rebuild brought page load times down below 3 seconds. But customers still complain that the site is slow. In this talk, hear Tim Morrow tell the story of how making Betfair's site faster for most customers actually made it 3x slower for their biggest customers. Truly, you get what you measure.
This is a story of trying to make good quality metrics and monitoring a reality. We’ll talk about the products we settled on, how we set about reducing the friction and removing roadblocks we hit, the many mistakes we made along the way and how hiring someone just for metrics was one of the best things The Guardian Ops team has done.


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