Jank-Free: In Pursuit of a Smooth Web Apps

Web Performance
Location: Buckingham Room Level: Non-technical
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Building beautiful experiences on the mobile web takes more than a good designer and fancy CSS: performance is critical for fluid web apps. Smooth animation that never drops a frame can give your app a native feel. But when animations stutter, effects lag, or pages scroll slowly… we call that jank. This talk is about identifying jank and getting rid of it.

Sourced of jank on the web include:

  • Complex input handlers
  • Heavy paint times for DOM elements
  • Long image decodes
  • Garbage collector runs
    …and lots more

In this talk we’ll go through a few techniques to:

  • Hunt down jank using the Timeline view in Dev Tools
  • Architecting your app to avoid hitchy JS animations
  • Use CSS animation for smooth animations on mobile

Tom Wiltzius


Tom works on the Chrome Graphics team at Google, focusing on Chrome’s GPU acceleration efforts.


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