Do All Users Benefit Equally from Web Performance Optimizations?

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You have optimized your website with various solutions and best practices. But are you sure your end users experience a real gain in performance? Does every user benefit in the same way if they are connecting from tablets, smartphones, or desktops? How well do user-side processing capacity, browser type and version, and network speed convey your optimizations?

Based on real customer data, we will conduct a brief analysis of the impact of a simple optimization rule, in an attempt to understand who is likely to benefit most from an improvement in web performance: tablet users with an up-to-date operating system? older browsers? slow-performing devices? This talk will address real user monitoring together with active monitoring methodologies to correlate response times with actual users’ configurations.

This keynote is sponsored by ip-label

Photo of Arnaud Becart

Arnaud Becart


Arnaud joined ip-label in 2006 as a technical account manager, dealing with implementation and customer care for its end-user monitoring solutions. After 2 years of technical engineering, he moved to a business development role working as a presales engineer for direct and indirect customers supporting ip-label’s european network of partners. Since 2010, Arnaud took over the product management of Datametrie, the SaaS end-user monitoring solution developed by ip-label. In 2011, Arnaud spoke about exhaustive end-user experience based on real customer cases at Velocity Berlin. In 2012, he contributed to the development of Datametrie Global Experience, merging active and real-user monitoring methodologies into a single and exhaustive offer.


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