Just Enough WebOps for Developers

Operations and Culture
Location: Hilton 1-6 Level: Intermediate
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WebOps does not have a natural place in the Agile Development cycle. Yet developers are increasingly taking more operational roles and find themselves having to:

  • pick monitoring, deployment, graphing and log management tools,
  • respond during off-hours because their cloud instances suddenly went bye-bye
  • come up with a culture of operations that does not drive them crazy

WebOps is not a completely new discipline and the goal of this tutorial is to cover the WebOps essentials in terms of tools, processes and cultural hacks to create “just enough webops” to keep the lights running without invoking methodologies that don’t fit the size of the organization (e.g. ITIL).

This talk starts with a short overview of the WebOps cycle, from instrumentation to deployment, monitoring, incident resolution and post-mortem analysis. Then I dive into the details of each stage of the cycle:

  • why this stage?
  • which tools can be used?
  • how to do it well
  • risks & pitfalls

This talk is primarily aimed at developers working in small- to mid-sized companies without an experienced ops crowd on hand.

Photo of Alexis Le-Quoc

Alexis Le-Quoc


Alexis Lê-Quôc started Datadog (datadoghq.com) in 2010, a company that helps developers and ops grok their IT Data. Prior to founding Datadog was building infrastructure software and leading a team of 25 web operations staff as a Director of Operations for Wireless Generation (now a subsidiary of News Corp), supporting several million users in the U.S.

He has done everything from designing scalable infrastructures to racking servers to writing embedded code deployed in teachers’ hands nationwide, for which he gave a talk at the Python Conference in 2006. Earlier achievements involve optimizing the mobile site of Orange for its 25,000,000 subscribers.


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